Imagine an older relative has passed away, and you are in charge of clearing out their estate and preparing the house to be sold. There are rooms and rooms full of countless items. Feeling overwhelmed? We know the feeling. It can be tempting to call a junk hauling company to take everything so that you can quickly move on and get the process going. But please, don’t do that!

Silver is a precious metal, and though its value fluctuates, it has seen an overall gain in the last twenty years. At Loudoun Jewelry, we buy all things silver and are happy to give you a fair and competitive offer for any of your unwanted silver items. Yes, even those things that you may have wanted to donate from your older relative’s estate!

So just what kind of silver do we buy? Just about anything! We buy sterling silver jewelry, flatware, spoons, forks, knives, tablespoons, serving pieces, tea sets, bowls, trays, sugar & creamers, baskets, dishes, teapots, candelabras, centerpieces, platters, pitchers, coffee pots, salvers, compotes, napkin rings, gravy boats, tankards, mugs, salt & pepper shakers, wedding gifts, cups, tea caddies, sugar shakers, trophies, awards, tureens, frames, ornaments, vegetable bowls, wine coasters, flasks, goblets, perfume bottles, souvenir spoons, candlesticks, vases, boxes, cigarette cases, match safes, cigarette lighters, wine coolers, urns, clocks, and all sterling silver flatware sets.

Specifically, Loudoun Jewelry buys items marked: Sterling, Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Coin, .800, .813, .826, .830, .835, .84, .875, .900, .916, .925, .935, .940, .950, .960, .980, .999, 925/1000, 950-1000, 999/1000, Martelé, Hand Wrought Sterling, Sterling and Other Metals, Mixed Metals, Hecho en Mexico Sterling.

We also buy silver items with hallmarks, which can be lions, anchors, letters, small heads, animals, or crowns in a small square, shield, or round box. You can also look for famous brand makers such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co., George Jensen International, Gorham, Kirk Stieff, Reed & Barton, Rogers, Towle, Wallace, and many more.

Before you bring your silver pieces for us to appraise and evaluate, please remember to include any original packaging and paperwork that may have come with your piece. This will increase the interest in and value of your offer. Buyers will sometimes pay a premium on pieces that can be traced to origin with original paperwork.

Your older relative’s estate is probably a treasure trove of silver pieces that may not hold much sentimental value to you but are definitely worth cash. The same goes for old and unpolished pieces of silver that you are tired of performing regular maintenance on. The condition of your silver doesn’t necessarily matter, but its weight will! Give our team at Loudoun Jewelry a call today!