Do you know the basics of diamonds? At Loudoun Jewelry, we buy all shapes, sizes, and qualities of diamonds. Do you have unwanted or no longer worn diamond jewelry in your jewelry box, dresser drawers, or closet? Your old and unwanted diamond jewelry isn’t doing you any favors stuck in a box, so why not sell it and get cash or trade-in value for it?

Before you sell, here’s what you need to know to become a diamond pro and get the maximum amount of cash for diamond jewelry items you no longer want or need. When it comes to diamonds, you need to know the 4 C’s:

    • Cut – This encompasses the quality of the angles, the proportions, facets, and the ultimate finishing details of the diamond itself.
    • Color – Ultimately, color describes how colorless the diamond is. You may think that all diamonds are colorless or near-colorless, but a diamond’s colorless qualities are actually measured in letter value (D-Z). D is the clearest and most colorless grade, while Z is the most noticeably yellow. It’s important to note that most experts measure the “sweet spot” of colorless diamonds being G, H, or I color grade.
    • Clarity – This C defines how clean and free of blemishes the diamond is. The better the clarity, the fewer blemishes or inclusions you can see with the naked eye. Just about all diamonds have some blemishes or inclusions, but for the most part, they are difficult to see without a magnifying glass or microscope.
    • Carat – This final aspect involves the overall weight of the diamond itself. It’s worth noting that just because a diamond has a smaller carat weight, that doesn’t necessarily detract from the overall worth of the diamond. In fact, the carat weight is the last of the 4 C’s when it comes to importance. A smaller carat weight with an immaculate cut and flawless clarity can be worth significantly more than a larger carat weight with a more yellowing color.

Each of these facets determines an overall diamond quality, which in turn can determine what a diamond is worth. In general, the cut is the most important facet of diamond quality because it encompasses the angles of the cut of the diamond, which in turn determines how the diamond reflects light allowing for its total brilliance.

But don’t count any diamond out! We’d love to take a look at any diamonds you no longer want and are interested in selling for cash.

Our professionally trained and highly knowledgeable staff at Loudoun are here to answer all your questions when it comes to diamonds. If you’re ready to sell diamonds, give us a call or schedule an appointment today! We certify (GIA, HRD, EGL) and larger, modern-cut diamonds, which are always in high demand. We are also interested in older, mine-cut, and European-cut diamonds.

Do you have a piece of jewelry with diamonds that you are no longer interested in? Even if it’s out of date or style, your unwanted piece of jewelry is still valuable! Bring your jewelry piece with diamonds to Loudoun Jewelry today, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a reasonable, competitive offer.