You wear your watch every day. It’s a fashion piece, your time-keeper, and a piece of you! We know many people wear extremely sentimental or valuable watches, and we take extreme care when fixing and restoring your timepieces.

In fact, we recently serviced a watch with a great story! A client of ours received a very nice watch for Father’s Day. His son had given it to him by way of his grandmother, and this piece was truly a precious keepsake and family heirloom. This client wore the watch every day, simultaneously reminding him of his son who gave it to him, and his own father who had worn it many years before.

This client wore his watch for years and years, gathering countless compliments from friends and strangers alike on the uniqueness and classic look of the watch. It became a friend on his wrist through business meetings, corporate events, weekends on the golf course, and eventually accompanying him to his dear son’s wedding. Not long ago, our client was devastated to one day find that his watch had broken and needed repair. What happened next was a true crisis – get rid of the broken watch and upgrade to a new one? Or locate a jeweler and trust someone to care for his watch and fix one of his most priceless possessions?

Well, this story does have a happy ending! Our client brought his broken watch to Loudoun Jewelry, shared his story of how he came to have it, and told us about the many happy memories with it. We were privileged and delighted to be of service! Our stellar watch repair professionals were able to fix the watch and reunite our client with his precious and truly priceless timepiece.

If you find that your watch needs to be repaired or serviced, give us a call! Our professional watch repair staff has over 40 years of experience. You can trust Loudoun Jewelry to perform the necessary repairs in a careful, professional, and timely manner to get your watch back where it belongs – on your wrist! We promise to care for your watch as if it came from our own collection. We’ll give it delicate attention and restore it with pristine care.

Keep your watch on your wrist by scheduling regular, routine maintenance to ensure everything is working properly, in place, and looking sharp! Bring in your watch today so we can give it a look and reassure you that it will remain where it belongs – with you on your wrist.