Your jewelry is unique to you. It symbolizes a piece you chose specifically for yourself or were gifted because it fits you. It is both personal and also sentimental. Either way, when a piece of your precious jewelry breaks or becomes in desperate need of restoration, we know it can be hard to choose where to take it.

You might be thinking of your favorite necklace, which was a gift from your sister you received on that one weekend away to celebrate your birthday. Or maybe it’s a charm bracelet curated piece-by-piece by your grandmother, each token gifted to you on a special occasion or date. Perhaps it’s a precious gemstone ring, each prong supporting a particular birthstone representing each one of your kids or grandkids. Each of these jewelry pieces signifies an incredibly personal and sentimental value.

Has a beloved piece of jewelry from your collection ever ended up in the back of your jewelry box or a long-forgotten nightstand drawer? Have you found yourself in the midst of a spring-cleaning frenzy and, low and behold, you pull out that one necklace with a broken clasp? You know, the one you used to wear all the time before it broke? The one gifted to you by someone special, which evokes a feeling of closeness each time you wear it?

What should you do with the necklace? Throw it away? Could its broken clasp really be fixed? And is it worth it? Yes! Don’t throw away any piece of jewelry that holds sentimental value just because of a needed jewelry repair. Loudoun Jewelry specializes in all sorts of jewelry repairs, from the basic broken clasp to more complex needs.

We know that every piece of jewelry is unique, and every piece of jewelry is equally remarkable and prized. When you bring your piece of jewelry to Loudoun Jewelry for repair, you can rest assured knowing that we will treat your piece like it is one of our very own.

We know that you have plenty of options for jewelry repair, and there are a lot of places and jewelry specialty shops that will try to gain your business and trust. What makes Loudoun Jewelry the right place to bring your jewelry for repair?

Our in-house master craftsman uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide the best service with top-notch craftsmanship. When you combine the education and experience of our craftsman, along with our ability to perform repairs using laser welding, you get a true jewelry repair destination. We can complete the highest quality and the most intricate jewelry repairs.

Clients have told us that other jewelers would not even touch their jewelry pieces because they weren’t sure they could handle the repair. At Loudoun, we can perform myriad repairs, from basic chain breaks to the most intricate of jewelry fixes. We have staffed our repair department with professional, experienced craftsmen. You won’t be disappointed when you trust Loudoun Jewelry to repair your jewelry.